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IQ 5 - Instrument Washer Series

The design and new choice of materials

3PART designed a series of machines that have been improved compared to KEN’s existing machines. hygiene – in particular: through the use of glass rather than stainless steel. The design and the new choice of materials help to give KEN A/S a unique place and level of knowledge in the market, it supports the company’s vision and brand in terms of brand. innovation and innovation, and it supports the narrative of “state of the art” performance and technology that this new series of instrument washers offers. For KEN A/S’ OEM customers, the new design and use of glass on the fronts offers some entirely new possibilities. individual adaptation and design of the washes. Something that has given KEN A/S completely new and attractive opportunities in this market.
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Design of Instrument Washer Series
IQ6 launched
on Medica 2015
IQ5 launched on
Medica 2016

A desire to be challenged and lifted

When KEN A/S was about to start the development of a new instrument washer series, it was with a desire to be challenged and lifted ift. the outer design of the machines, and they contacted 3PART. During the project, KEN A/S wanted to conduct the mechanical construction of washing arms and specialized mechanics in the machine, whereas 3PART would be responsible for UX, exterior design, user-facing functionality, as well as mechanical construction of the main structure and elements ifbm. the outer design.

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To view the entire project with further details, you can download the entire project here.

The design and the new choice of materials help to give KEN A/S a unique place and level of knowledge in the market

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