Optimize your business with Simplimize

Simplimize provides a better bottom line

Simplimize is a systematic and operational approach that simplifies and optimizes a company’s product range, reduces costs at all levels, and strengthens the ability to develop new market-relevant and competitive products.

The goal is to optimize a business for growth and higher earnings. With Simplimize, you can build a structure in the company’s product program that ensures rationalization and growth, while reducing costs for sales, logistics, production and development. There is a lot to gain here for most companies.

Optimize your business with Simplimize

The idea behind Simplimize is not new itself. By gathering knowledge in an operational approach with concrete tools, Simplimize is the common thread that simplifies your product range and optimizes your business. Meanwhile your company gets a common language across sales, production line and development. Simplimize is NOT just about developing and selling standard products – it´s about creating a clear difference between standard and customized solutions. It is a new mindset.

Winnings achieved by Simplimize

Simplimize for simplification of processes and product program

Simplimize is an operational approach to simplify a company´s product range. The method creates a structured frame for developing an optimal product architecture, an efficient production line and a strengthened ability to innovate. The process involves all functions of a company and will strengthen competitiveness at both lower costs and efficient innovations.

Implement the Simplimize mindset for the entire enterprise

When you run a Simplimize project with us, our certified in-house Simplimize consultant will visit your company and educate key people to implement the mindset in all departments, hereunder sales, goods handling, production line and internal processes.

It is a long-term process with homework in between work meetings with our consultant, to implement sub-tasks of the process. The challenges that arise during the project are addressed at the work meetings.

6 Tools provide an overview

Simplimize is a thoroughly tested method developed by the Danish Technological Institute, which consists of 6 coherent tools, where data from one tool is passed on to the next. Together, they create an overview, modularize the product program and simplify the processes internally focusing on production, product program and market.

Once you have been through the process, the company has gained an overview of which product variants and internal processes to build upon and which to phase out.

Do you want to know more about a Simplimize course with us? Contact our Simplimize consultant Henrik Hjort on: hhj@3part.com or +45 22 13 13 43

a systematic and operational course of action

A sea of ​​possibilities

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