Create growth and strengthen competitiveness

Create increased competitiveness

- and earnings with the development of combined product-service business models

In a world of increasing competition, companies that link services to their products often have a better starting point of creating value for customers, thus strengthening competitiveness. For several of our customers, 3PART has developed service concepts and business models that combine existing product sales with services, new initiatives and solutions for the benefit of both the companies ‘customers and for the base of their business and future innovation ability.

The customer in focus

Keeping focused on the end user creates the platform for developing solutions and products that are more attractive and value-creating in the market. Developing new business models, production companies can increase their competitiveness and earnings from both direct product sales and services and hereby gain a larger share of the business potential in a TCO perspective (Total cost of ownership)

Service innovation in process

The detailed process for the development of service concepts and new business models is specified with you, based on your specific needs and challenges. A service design project can consist of selected phases (e.g. phases 1-3), after which it can be handed over for internal completion. Or we can help you throughout the entire process. It is all up to you what would be most appropriate and what competencies you may have regarding running this type of development project.

Create growth and strengthen competitiveness through service innovation

Many companies experience that their products and existing business models are under pressure, e.g. from:

Phases in Service Innovation

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Strengthen market position and earnings with combined product and servicebusiness models

Several competencies in the same house

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