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One design house - Many competencies

Since 1998, our interdisciplinary team of engineers and designers has been involved in realizing more than 400 products, of which over 40 are patented, for various industries. Ranging from heavy industry, medico, healthcare, lifestyle products, to agriculture and much more. We work with thoroughly tested processes that allow us to use the same methods within very different industries.

Product development on your terms

Some clients use us as an external development department when they need outside assistance Others run entire development projects with us, from the first innovative ideas and all the way to design, documentation and production maturation. Others again only need us for a few phases of development and can handle the rest themselves. We are happy to help, in whatever way it is needed.

The end user in the center provides competitive advantages

We work user-centered throughout the development process, starting projects with user research, which can include desk research, user observations, interviews, photo and video documentation, user tests, etc. The insights from the users, create a solid platform for a development process and will give the end product the best conditions for success in the market, providing a good user experience, and will ultimately ensure a good business for our customers.

Transparent collaboration creates sustainable solutions

We involve our customers throughout the entire process and collaborate as ideas and concepts are tested in workshops with sketches, function models and mock-ups. Decisions about design direction and concepts are made mutually, regardless if it concerns industrial design, digital design, packaging or graphic design.

User testing of prototypes eliminates errors

When a design or concept needs to be validated, it is time to make prototypes for testing by the users. The tests can point out any inconveniences that must be avoided in the final product and they need to be eliminated before starting up production. There are therefore often corrections after user tests, which will save money in the long run.

Production maturation requires documentation and collaboration

When a project is ready to be documented for production, we have a close dialogue with subcontractors who will be producing the product to ensure that assemblies, material thicknesses and parts all fit and are constructed correctly.

Branding that elevates product identity

Along with a product development process, there is often a need for marketing materials, logos, brochures, exhibition stands, etc. The branding gives the product identity, positions it on the market and provides visibility in relation to competing products. Our graphic and digital designers joins the project and will make sure that everything is aligned with intended identity.

Cost price optimization makes good sense

When optimizing your business, it makes sense to look at the number items on the shelves. Many companies experience that they have products that are very similar to each other, yet a little different in construction and choice of components. By uniformizing the products and cutting down on variants, you save both storage space and production costs.

We analyze the product range and identify the variants that can be merged or phased out. We can also run a Simplimize process, which is more comprehensive for the entire company and includes sales, product handling, production line and internal processes. The process runs according to a validated method with our certified in-house Simplimize consultant, who trains you to implement the Simplimize way of thinking to the entire company.

Design manual makes the development department autonomous

To ensure uniformity and family in a product line, one should have a design manual to follow. We analyze your portfolio, find common features and optimize the expression. We describe the designs DNA in a design manual and make a visual set of rules for future development. With a design manual, you don’t have to start from scratch each time you develop a new product.

The Medico industry have special demands

The medico industry has high demands regarding precision, hygiene, ease of cleaning and choice of materials. The environment is harsh and the product must, for instance, be able to withstand spraying with disinfectants regularly or washed at high temperatures, if it is not intended for single use. There may also be special legislation in the area, wishes for future patents or IPR strategies, which must be considered. All factors are described in a requirements specification with the customer at the beginning of the project and will form the basis of development. This will ensure that the project is always on track and that the final product lands within the set of requirements.

A cabinet is not just a box

When designing a cabinet, there are many considerations at play. The environment for it, requirements for ease of cleaning, location and installation. Should it hang or stand? Should it be modular? Maybe there should be more levels for access – One for the average user and another for technicians and operators. Maybe it is an OEM product. We have designed a myriad of cabinets for different usages, and they have all been vastly different in materials, expression and function. If your cabinet needs a user interface with buttons, icons or a screen, we have extensive experience in designing user interfaces that ensure efficiency, minimize errors and live up to the HMI ISA 101 standard.

Products that contain solutions adapted to all users requests

Several competencies in the same house

Now you have read about product design, but did you know we also work with digital design, simplimize and service design? Read more about all our services here.

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