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Digital Design

At 3PART, we have many years of experience in developing digital design solutions. We have competencies within user experience (UX), wireframing, prototyping, web development, development of interfaces and design of icons. In addition, we can develop 3D visualizations, visual identity, marketing materials and other graphic design for print media.

Product Design

Over the years, our team of industrial designers and engineers has helped to realize over 40 patented products in a wide range of different industries.

We put the user at the center throughout the development process and involve our customers in the development process and work closely together, e.g. through process facilitation, project management, workshops and optimization via simplimize. In this way, we can develop accurate and value-creating design solutions, where the focus is especially on ergonomics, functionality and aesthetics.

We have a strategic collaboration with R&D, which means that we can follow even large and complex projects to the door: from design to finished construction.

Service Design

At 3PART, we have developed service concepts and business models for several of our customers, which have helped to strengthen competitiveness and create growth. We work with sharp business development, development of design manuals, IPR strategies and improvement of product portfolios using. The Simplimize-strategy. Among other things, we can help simplify product programs, explore the possibilities of making a living from offering services, secure against copying existing products and more.


Simplimize is a systematic and operational approach that simplifies and optimizes a company’s product range, reduces costs at all levels, and strengthens the ability to develop new market-relevant and competitive products. The goal is to optimize a business for growth and higher earnings. With Simplimize, you can build a structure in the company’s product program that ensures rationalization and growth, while reducing costs for sales, logistics, production and development. So there is often a lot to pick up here for most companies.

We ensure progress in development projects

At 3PART, we run projects in close collaboration with our customers

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