Danish Design Award Winner 2019

SiteCover wins the Danish Design Award 2019 in the Better Work category.


In the construction industry there are many environmental factors, such as water damage that can increase the risk of large extra bills and long delays in construction projects. SiteCover is a modular crane and roofing solution that can cover the construction site and can transform an area into an indoor production hall. This eliminates the weather factors and ensures a safe environment for workers. 1000m2 SiteCover, assembles in just one day – 66% faster than traditional scaffolding and can save approx. 7% of the cost of the construction project. About SiteCover, the jury has stated: “The solution shows a special Danish commitment to good craftsmanship, as SiteCover creates good working conditions for the people who work on our buildings. Weather conditions can pose a serious risk to the safety, efficiency and cost of the construction site, and thus to the social economy. SiteCover will undoubtedly make a difference, both for the safety and health of people at the construction site and in terms of protecting building materials. At the same time, SiteCover hides the scaffolding and thus enhances the overall look and design of the city. ”


New product in collaboration with Bitzer
Ravendo with new assembly wagon