Danish battery company wins award

The renewable energy wave is buzzing, but in particular, a problem has been a stick in the wheel of development for many years. Storing the excess energy produced when the sun shines and the wind blows.


VisBlue has developed a battery that, unlike ordinary batteries, stores the energy in liquid rather than metals such as lithium or iron. The technology behind the battery is called Redox Flow, and it has several decades in the back, but now the technology is finally maturing to compete with other battery technologies. The Redox Flow batteries have a number of advantages as they cannot, for example, explode because the battery consists primarily of water. Furthermore, they are a lot more sustainable as virtually all the battery can be recycled when worn. And just the sustainable elements of the company’s products helped bring them a newly instituted sustainability award at this year’s high fair in Herning. 3PART has previously, in collaboration with Visblue, designed a product that sets new standards in clean energy storage. In addition, 3PART has been instrumental in designing new software and interface options that can inform about plant condition and charge status.


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