Nimbus Motorcycles Danmark A/S

Collaboration between 3PART & Nimbus Motorcycles Danmark A / S

“We are dealing with a jewel in Danish design and industrial history…”

Nimbus Motorcycles Danmark A/S

“It is with great humility and respect that we have agreed to be birth attendants in the development process, which will lead to a relaunch of the Nimbus motorcycle” – says founding partner and CEO Simon Skafdrup.

“I compare it with standing with the potential some Italians saw years ago, with grabbing the original FIAT 500 drawings and bringing the model back into the present. Incidentally launched in a pure electric version recently ”

“There is a strong DNA and countless design details to take as a starting point, so our role on the design team may be more to select, focus and refine than it will be to find something new,” says Simon Skafdrup, who after a design agency competition has been selected to stand for the design of the new models.

The sidecar is a chapter in itself – and not exactly something the typical motorcycles are born with – but the possibilities of use just grow significantly with the sidecar – just as we have in recent years seen an explosion in cargobikes for families who get “an extra car” that way.

“The Nimbus was a robust and good-natured workhorse in many ways – and honest in both expression and choice of material”. We intend to respect and continue this.

“When we started the dialogue with Claus Støvlbæk Clausen about the project more than 5 years ago, we had some considerations about what type of engine we should go with – and asked several times – what would Anders Fisker have done if he had lived today? Fortunately, the technological development over the past 5 years has helped the decision a bit on the way and therefore the choice of 100% electricity operation – obvious, and something we think Anders Fisker would have backed up “concludes Simon Skafdrup

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