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Product service system - Service innovation

From producer to service company

Business models have been developed to assess the potential of the new pipeline variant and the related service. We expect the material to be submitted to the Board of Directors of Watts Water Technologies in early 2017, after which the further development of both product and service concept will continue.
concept design
Action plan

Service innovation process

Blücher, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of drainage systems, wanted to challenge its existing business by looking into opportunities for service innovation and product service systems. The ambition was to develop a knowledge base and internal competences in relation to service innovation. Low resolution service product concepts were built to determine if and how it is possible to pursue this business area.

Detailed roadmap for further service development


Preliminary analysis

The project began with an initial analysis of product areas and markets in which Blücher already operates. The ambition was to use already initialised ideas and existing products that existed in Blücher’s developed pipelines in order to achieve a high pace of process and take advantage of organizational work that had already been done. Many existing ideas were relevant and provided an adequate catalogue of ideas. The next step was to evaluate them by comparing potential income with development investment.

The concept phase

After choosing a product area to start from, the next step was to get a global view of the product environment. Market and customer surveys were realized to determine if there were unmet needs with potential that could be released through a new product service system. During the concept phase, a detailed service concept was designed, built on the insights from the research phase, as well as the strategic and economic ambitions – e.g. in relation to the required potential turnover in the business area. Current resources were deliberately disregarded as Blücher was ready to acquire new business units, staff and equipment, as well as to enter into new partnerships with companies that own additional products and services. During this phase, a new pipeline variant was also developed to form the product basis for the service concept.


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Right now we're kind of a producer company. However, we would like to move on to being a service company that delivers the whole solution. If we are not provoked, we just think in our own little everyday life – inside our own little cheese bell

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