Danish Clean Water

Research, 2D and 3D sketches, idea catalogue, design solution and imagery for design protection

Enclosure for Electrolysis Generator T25


A solution that signals professionality

With the redesigned chassis for the T25 model, DCW was given a solution that signalled professionality, while the price was in the same bearing as their standard chassis.
No increase
of the cost price
Production matured

In the middle of a development phase

Danish Clean Water A/S (DCW) was in the middle of a development phase when they approached 3PART to design a new enclosure. DCW develops and produces electrolysis generators that produce on-site disinfectant completely without chemicals, as it consists entirely of a saline solution, which via electrolysis in the generator is converted into a concentrated disinfectant, which can then be dosed directly into the water. 3PART’s task was to develop and design a stylish and user-friendly chassis for the T25 model, which is the largest generator model in the series.

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A thorough research for the definition of specifications

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Consistency and clarity

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