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Intuitive user service creates added value

Far more intuitive in their interface

With the new interface design, future Esko Graphics machines will be significantly more accessible and far more intuitive in their interface. The operation enhancement makes it easier and faster for the user to learn how to operate the machine, which adds significant value to the product. With design used as a tool, a difference has been created that makes the product more attractive and which has made the complex simple and easily accessible.
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interface Design
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complex functionality in a clear way

Esko Graphics was facing the development of Espresso – a machine used in the graphic industry to digitally expose conventional plates with UV light. To produce the complex functionality of the machine in a clear way, 3PART, in collaboration with Unigate, designed a new graphical interface. In the development of the user interface, operating components and layout were improved, and at the same time the most relevant functions and procedures were identified. The intuitive interface allows end customers to convert to a digital workflow in the printing press in an uncomplicated way. The desire for a more intuitive interface arose from a need for increased machine understanding by the users as well as a goal to add value to the machine. The specific task consisted of a thorough analysis of the existing operation on Esko Graphics machines, based on their Commander Client. Based on the analysis, a new operating philosophy for Esko Graphics’ machines was to be drawn up, taking into account user levels, machine understanding and machine graphics.

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it complicated simple and easily accessible

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