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Research, Interviews, Workshop, Design Manual and Templates

Brand strategy

Research and design manual

On the basis of the prepared brand strategy, the design manual was created. Sketches on graphic concepts were presented and a final graphic direction was chosen. The content was designed on the basis of existing material and in cooperation with relevant employees. The design manual describes the thinking behind the brand strategy and the graphic direction, as well as what can and must not be in relation to the use of graphic elements and external communication. In connection with the design manual, templates were developed in, among other things, the Word and Excel. These templates help ensure that the design manual is followed and optimize the work of the employees. The final brand strategy and design manual were finally presented to relevant employees. This is to ensure that they are familiar with the content and have the opportunity to ask clarifying questions.
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Brand strategy

Strengthens communication for Winther and Gonge

Prior to working with the brand strategy and the design manual, 3PART conducted a research of similar companies and their products. This helped identify key areas of the strategy and increase the safety of the new design manual. The research part was complemented by interviews by relevant stakeholders, which provided the project with further information about the market, the needs of dealers and customers. Finally, a workshop was held to identify a common fire strategy.

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