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Intelligent construction site system

German design award winner 2020

Intelligent construction site system ensures dry weather

SiteCover’s payoff 365 workdays indicates the security provided by SiteCover. With a construction site system from SiteCover it is possible to work on a construction site regardless of the weather. Therefore, it ensures the opportunity to work 365 days a year. In a standard construction contract, 40 weather days a year are now covered. These are days when, for weather reasons, the contractor cannot do the work. SiteCover eliminates this risk and expense, as it is not only the building that is covered, but the entire construction site. The system has been tested for the Ed Sheeran concert at Wembley Stadium, after which it has since been used by large companies such as Novo Nordisk, the Technical University of Denmark and Bispebjerg Hospital, where SiteCover has delivered dry weather to the working people on the construction site, which has reduced the risk of delay during the construction process. The system is also equipped with two cranes, which can also help to mount tons-heavy concrete elements.
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Disruptive news in the construction industry

3PART has previously worked with the management behind SiteCover through the former company Trustus. Here 3PART participated in the process of developing the company’s stage system, as well as associated design manual. The process at the time included, among other things, the following: workshops, preparation of idea catalogues, user and competitor research, construction files and the like. In the new project, 3PART has developed logo, identity, payoff, values, graphic materials and visualizations. 3PART presented SiteCover with a catalogue of ideas with various suggestions for the design of the logo, payoff, identity. Subsequently, a direction was selected, which was further developed and specified for the identity sitecover has today.

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tested for Ed Sheeran concert at Wembley Stadium

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