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Discharge bellows - redesign and cost reduction

A strong position in the international market

“In the past, we just put a new feature on the side of the unloading bellows, so it looked like a mechanical Christmas tree. We couldn’t see that it was ugly because it had always looked like this. The design process has resulted in our unloading bellows a more streamlined and international look. It’s definitely the most aesthetic product in our industry “
Increased turnover
+ 90%
international sales
6 months
pay-back time

One of the largest providers in Europe

Cimbria is part of the Cimbria Group, headquartered in Thisted. The Group has approximately 800 employees worldwide and is one of the largest suppliers in Europe in the field of equipment and complete projects for grain and seed treatment and oilseed extraction. Discharge bellows are the transport link between a silo or conveyor belt on the one hand and ships, trains and trucks on the other. The loading bellows, which can handle all kinds of powders and granules, such as cement, sugar, cereals and fly ash, must ensure that the process does not detract from the disadvantage of the working environment. At the same time, the loading bellows help to increase safety and minimize the waste that may be involved in the process. In other words, this is an area that the ordinary consumer has no contact with, and therefore most often does not give high priority to the design.

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3PART proved to have a great deal of knowledge in materials and manufacturing processes - we did not expect that. We actually got far more than just a new design

director, Lars Nørgaard

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