User research, market research, design drafts, design catalog, 2D and 3D sketching and final design concept

Room thermostat - design concept

Break-Even after just 1 year

Wavin’s room thermostat has largely been developed and designed based on the needs and behavior of installers and end users. The room thermostat has a built-in display that shows the temperature, which can be easily adjusted by turning a single knob. The thermostat ended up being one of Wavin’s key products and reached Break-Even after only a year. Since the design process with 3PART, the company’s competitiveness has improved significantly and Wavin’s earnings on the room thermostat have been better than the general bottom line despite the fact that this has been increasing.
after just 1 year
Modern & stylish
operation and design
Increased turnover
and competition ability

Comfort into everyday life

Wavin Denmark, the leading supplier of plastic pipe systems for the drainage, water and plumbing sector throughout Europe, joined 3PART, with a desire to bring more comfort into the everyday lives of their customers. The task was to design a user-friendly room thermostat for underfloor heating control for the Danish market. The product had to differentiate itself from the competitors and visually have an expression that signaled Danish design.

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3PART has hit what people want to see, and it's the greatest value we can ever get. We are still pleasantly surprised at how much design can actually add to a product

Søren Dueholm, Product Manager at Wavin

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