Research, sketches, visualizations, workshop facilitation, design optimization, idea development, sparring on construction and product development

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A leading position in the market

Over the years, the cooperation between Velux and 3PART has led to the realisation of various projects. These are all characterized by close cooperation, with the usage experience in focus. At the same time, there has been a strong focus on innovation. This is of great importance in order to ensure velux a leading position in the market.
3D files
idea generation
design optimization

From idea to finished product

3PART has worked with Velux for a number of years on several different development projects. 3PART has contributed everything from research to the development of products and accessories. Below, 3PART has facilitated workshops, contributed sparring on constructions, optimized current designs, performed user research and competitor research, vidualizations in 2D and 3D. In addition, 3PART has contributed idea generation in various projects, where 3PART has subsequently been involved in both smaller parts of a process and the entire process from idea to finished product.

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a strong focus on innovation

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