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Control panel - Concept design

A series of control panels

The final concept resulted in a series of control panels that are controlled by tilting the panel up or down. Furthermore, the panel has a display that shows the height of the table and shines a red light when a person has been sitting down for too long. Finally, the intelligent system is able to save up to four height adjustments, and via Bluetooth communicate with a health app that reminds the user to change positions during the day.
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Design upgrade

A new generation

The task for 3PART in this project, was to further develop a new concept for a new generation of control panels for height adjustable tables in cooperation with Linak. The purpose of these control panels was to improve the user experience and contribute to a healthier lifestyle through varying work positions throughout the day.

3PART has paid great attention to developing an intelligent and discrete reminding function, which agitates position changing. Furthermore, the focus has been on simplifying the expression of the whole concept series, and developing a durable design expression that suits a product life time of up to 10 years. Likewise, it has been a significant parameter that the control panel was able to create experience value in combination with an app or screen.

In the project, 3PART has facilitated workshops and gathered inspiration and competitor material. Hereafter we presented a series of different concept suggestions that, in cooperation with Linak, resulted in the selection of a single concept, which was then detailed and photo-realistically visualized before the handover to Linak for detailed construction.

Download the project here

To view the entire project with further details, you can download the entire project here.

Functional and user-friendly design

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