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a wheelchair that makes it easier to be an active and healthy child

This project has focused primarily on creating a flexible wheelchair as possible. In addition, the goal of Cheetah was to create a wheelchair that makes it easier to be an active and healthy child than you can in a normal wheelchair. Therefore, innovative systems should be found to allow greater movement. In this connection, the focus was on the technical part at the beginning, which is why 3PART developed a design catalog with various modular systems and opportunities for innovation. To design a dynamic and ergonomic product, 3PART worked in close collaboration with occupational therapists, physical therapists, carers and users. Through this process, 3PART has almost completely redesigned the product with eg. seat, wheels, footrest, etc.
High degree
product line
to active people

More mobility for the user!

“At eye level” is the most important motto of R82. They greatly appreciate designing high quality solutions that will provide better mobility for children and young people to bring them to the eye of their surroundings. To expand their product catalog and ensure even more mobility for the user, R82 sought out 3PART to redesign their Panther wheelchair. The purpose was to add flexibility to the chair’s mobility and product evolution, while providing the best comfort.

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add flexibility to the chair's mobility and product evolution while providing the best comfort

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