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Research, sketching and shaping, graphic identity and production optimization

Concept development

Optimal production properties

The ratio of label to bottle was very important. The label had to be slim so you could see the water. To emphasize the brand, the Oak is highlighted in the surface of the bottle, which gives an increased sense of quality. In addition to their appearance, the shape of the bottles has some optimal production properties. Stack stability during transport and production was a clear prerequisite for the design, just as adapting to shipping and distribution has been important.
concept development
Glass bottles
ml. bottle & etiquette

a desire to combine a beautiful design with good production characteristics.

With the creation of Royal Unibrew’s “Egekilde” bottle series, 3PART has fulfilled a desire to combine a beautiful design with good production and distribution characteristics. In 2005, Royal Unibrew had to find a replacement for Ramlösa, of which they had had the negotiation. They wanted a water with a classic icing that could signal that it had been on the market for a very long time. 3PART was involved from the outset in the selection of names and concepts, the label and the shape of the bottle, the optimization of production conditions as well as market and positioning. The task consisted of the design of two glass bottles of 30 cl. and 60 cl. respectively, as well as three PET bottles of 0.5 l, 0.7 l and 1.5 l respectively.

Definition and focus



Before working on the design of a new bottle series, 3PART carried out a thorough research within both the production area and the design of bottles. In this way, substantial knowledge was acquired which, in the future, helped to meet the wishes of the Royal Unibrew

Idea generation, development & validation

On the basis of the research phase, the sketchwork could begin. Work meetings were regularly held with the customer. The phase resulted in two design concepts. Before the final concept was chosen, validation was held with the same people who were at the beginning of the project. Validation was of great importance for the final detail of the bottles.


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To view the entire project with further details, you can download the entire project here.

Packaging has several important functions. It must brand product and business, it must be functional and it must be able to communicate with the user.

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