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Keepower has won two international design awards, the IF Design Award and Good Design, awarded in Germany and the United States respectively. The prices are given for nice design and unique functionality. At Inelco, the collaboration with 3PART has strengthened the belief that design can also provide bonuses for companies that sell products that are not immediately associated with aesthetics.
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Design award
IF Design
Design award
Good Design

Functionality limped

A battery charger for cars and motorcycles is not usually a product that connects with delicious design and unique ease of use. Nevertheless, a massive investment in design was the way forward for the North Jutland electronics company Inelco when the company was in a state of flurry two years ago. Despite the financial crisis, the redesigned battery charger got off to a good start and the goal in 2010 of doubling revenue was achieved.

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I am convinced that design is a good way to go and it is certainly something we will think into the future

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