Research and user observations, Idea and design catalogue, 2 and 3D sketching, Models and mock ups and Prototypes

Clinically tested help for pollen allergy sufferers


Small product with great effect

The Rhinix nasal filter is designed to significantly reduce the symptoms of pollen allergies. The nose filter is attached to the nostrils with a small, almost invisible, hanger, and the two small membranes in each nostril then filter out the allergenic pollen particles before reaching the mucous membranes of the nose. The nose filter, which is both easy to insert and comfortable to wear, has been clinically tested. It effectively reduces sneezing, runny nose, itching of the nose and throat and can be used both inside and out – whether the user is active or relaxing.
and comfortable design
in symptoms

Design with a focus on comfort

In the initial phase, 3PART carried out a large number of user observations, after which challenges and opportunities were identified. As part of the research, the geometry of the nose, both inside and outside, was also studied. Subsequently, 3PART facilitated a workshop where the research material was reviewed. Based on the ideas that have been presented, 3PART developed a design catalogue with 3 different concepts, one of which was chosen for further detail in design and construction.

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Safe product with the user in focus

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