Product / branding strategy, Idea catalog, Concept design of 5 products, Detailed design, Application material and Design manual

Product design and manual

Security to design intentions

The new design expression ensures uniformity across the combined brands and product portfolios. It expresses Sulzer Mixpac’s values ​​and brand through the visual expression. The Design Manual has provided the company with solid documentation and job descriptions that allow future products to be designed with certainty that design intentions and visual family creation are maintained.
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A common basis for future development,

Sulzer Mixpac was to merge the two product portfolios of dispensers. In this connection, there was a desire to develop a new design expression, which was to build on the best design elements and product features from both brands. The strategy was chosen with a desire to maintain the two previous positions in the market and ensure visual recognition in relation to. existing customers. But just as much with a desire to create a common unified foundation for future development, and to communicate the company’s values ​​and brand through the products.

We ensure that the visual family closet is preserved


Strategic process

To create a solid starting point for the design task, the first task was to facilitate a strategic process for the development and formalization of Sulzer Mixpac’s future product and branding strategy. Based on this strategy, a wide range of design proposals were developed that interpreted the company’s values ​​and unified design elements from the two brands in different ways. In the process, there was a special focus on the incorporation of IPR protected elements into the design, to increase the products’ robustness to copying and imitation.

Idea Development Process

This idea development process led to the selection of one design term, which is then widely used on five dispenser types, to test the robustness and scalability – we ensure that the visual family cabinet is preserved on products with different geometries, sizes, etc. As part of the project, detailed design of one dispenser type is included. The detailed design work was done by an internal R&D engineer, with ongoing support from 3PART. The design was thoroughly tested during the project. The final part of the process is the formalization of the new design in a product design manual. It is designed in close cooperation with the internal R&D department to ensure that it matches the requirements and wishes they have. This creates internal ownership and increased usability for use in future development projects.


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To view the entire project with further details, you can download the entire project here.

The new design expression ensures uniformity across the combined brands and product portfolios.

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