User Research, Sketches in 2D, Design Catalog with 3 Design Suggestions, 3D Models and Technical Design

Spectralink Wireless Mobile Device

Spectralink Wireless Mobile Device

The PIVOT wireless device has the same interface as is known from smartphones. The device is designed to withstand daily, and often heavy-handed, use in the mobile professions. The design was designed in a waterproof material with a focus on hygiene and ease of use. The PIVOT has a touch screen display with automatic screen orientation, built-in scanner for reading barcodes on e.g. medicine, and can be operated with surgical gloves on. In addition to the PIVOT, a number of flexible carrying devices have been developed. This means that the healthcare professional has a free hand and ensures that the phone is at your fingertips when it is needed in an emergency situation.
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Before the actual design work could be initiated, 3PART conducted a thorough user and market research. Subsequently, a design catalogue was developed with 3 different conceptual proposals, which in addition to the wireless device also included proposals for carrying device, charging and storage module as well as a modular barcode scanner. All proposals were visualized in the form of 3D models. In close cooperation with Spectralink, a single concept was selected, which was further developed in both design and construction.

Download the project here

To view the entire project with further details, you can download the entire project here.

"PIVOT is the first device of its kind and it will transform organizations by enabling in-building mobile employees to work smarter." Stone Dyrmose, CEO, Spectralink.

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