Tetra Pak Scanima

Facilitation of internal workshop, visual requirements specification, design sparring, idea development, concept development, product development, 3D visualizations, graphic material as well as 2D and 3D documentation

Redesign and platform strategy

A redesigned mixer series

The project process with Tetra Pak Scanima resulted in a redesigned mixer series based on a new and different technology, which Tetra Pak Scanima itself was responsible for the development of. In addition, the collaboration with 3PART helped the product architecture around the mixer series to be redesigned, and the overall product design was modernised and improved in terms of ease of use, ergonomics and interface. This created an optimized solution that is easier to handle.
3D drawings
for construction
Simplified and improved
platform design

Great know-how in flow dynamics

Tetra Pak Scanima is a world leader in food processing and packaging. Their core competence is to deliver safe, innovative and environmentally friendly products and technologies that meet the needs of users around the world. Since its establishment in 1989, Tetra Pak Scanima has built up great know-how within flow dynamics, which makes it possible to guarantee consistent quality in production at customers, as well as high reliability. Faced with increased competition in the market, Tetra Pak Scanima contacted 3PART with a desire to develop a new product platform in order to increase its lead in the competition and increase differentiation.

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the overall product design was modernised and improved in terms of ease of use, ergonomics and interface;

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