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Redesign of packaging machine

The redesigned version

The solution was a modular structure, so that the machine could easily be transported in larger modules and assembled out with customers. This resulted in a much faster commissioning. Furthermore, 3PART’s work resulted in a better use of the machine’s elevation principle, which in the original version of the machine was used only to wrap the pallet. The elevation principle was also used in the redesigned version to facilitate the service of the machine, so that you can stop the machine in the middle of a movement and service it there.
dietary reduction
on construction
Energy consumption

New and improved technical design

Lachenmeier A/S has collaborated with 3PART on the redesign of a packaging machine. The objective of the development task was to identify and develop a new and improved technical design of the product, achieve a cost reduction of 25, as well as achieve savings and efficiencies in transport from production/warehouse to end user. The objectives were achieved. In addition to these benefits, the project also resulted in better access for service and a higher level of cleaning friendliness in the redesigned machine.

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To view the entire project with further details, you can download the entire project here.

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