Research, concept development, construction of mounting fittings, print-ready files, 3D items and brochure

Nova King Zoo

Photo shoot pictures

3PART provided various drafts on content as well as format/layout and defined content for photo shoot images. After that, 3PART participated in the photo shoot in a kindergarten, to ensure that the planned images would work in practice. Finally, the selection of images followed and the installation of the final brochure. The result was print-ready files set up according to the commercial printing service’s requirements.
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marketing brochure
Mounting brackets
Plastic elements

The visual expression of the series

The bicycle manufacturer Winther wanted to further develop the NOVA Viking series. As the product had been stagnant for a long time, Winther considered that one solution to reverse the sales curve for the product could be to work with the visual expression of the series. A plastic item should make the bikes fit better into the children’s play, thereby changing the identity of NOVA Viking.

Theme concepts



Winther needed to learn more about the interests of the users, the 2 to 8 year olds. 3PART carried out field research in day time institurions, where theme concepts were tested on the target group. Observation, interviews and drawing exercises with the children helped Winther and 3PART with direction for the new product. Children’s drawings were the first step towards ZOO’s wild animals

Concept development

Based on the initial research, 3PART developed three concepts for decorating the product line. A selection or validation process followed, with Winther deciding, in consultation with 3PART, which themes to work on further. 3PART held regular meetings with Winther, who contributed inputs and experiences.


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3PART participated in the photo shoot in a kindergarten, to ensure that the planned images would work in practice

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