Artema Watertrap

Research, analysis, development and visuallisation of concept proposals and design and manufacture of prototype

Measuring equipment for Artema, medico product

Design with inspiration from the heart

3PART developed and designed several prototypes for Artema Watertrap, of which the selected design was produced. The design had a strong focus on the symbolism of the heart and its pump function, which is seen in the deep red color and graphic element with the sine curve.
of weaknesses

Measuring equipment for the medico industry

3PART researched existing medico measuring equipment and focus areas in the field of anesthesia, to form a well-documented basis for further idea generation. Then 3PART analyzed functions and needs to clarify which parameters to focus on in the design. Several concepts were developed and visualised, after which the selected design was worked through, tested and prepared for production.

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To view the entire project with further details, you can download the entire project here.

User-friendly, hygienic and connection-friendly design

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