Research, technical concept, construction and design in 3D and product graphics

Wintex Agro: Fully automatic design

An innovative soil testing machine

3PART’s design team developed an innovative soil testing machine that takes soil samples in all kinds of soil. Wintex 2000 is fully automatic and equipped with a hydraulic hammer that performs 2100 beats per minute, as well as a specially developed rotary probe. The soil testing machine has two programs; one soil sample from 0-60 cm depth, or two soil samples from 0-30 cm and 30-60 cm in one workflow.
fully automatic
operates in all types of soil
of resource use
Cost effective

Phosphorus, potassium and micronutrients

Wintex Agro specializes in the manufacture and development of soil sampling machines. Wintex machines are used in agriculture and plant breeding industry for soil conditions analysis. 3PART was tasked with designing a new soil testing machine that, unlike existing plants that measure phosphorus, potassium and micronutrients in the soil, primarily detects nitrogen.

The collaboration identifies the most important requirements and specifications



3PART conducted a thorough review of requirements and specifications in relation to the final product. In this course, technical analyzes and user observations were included.

Idea generation and development

Based on the previous research, a technical concept was developed and elaborated focusing on the target product’s target price and requirements specification. A housing for the soil testing machine was designed and product graphics and colors determined.


Download the project here

To view the entire project with further details, you can download the entire project here.

a good design saves time and facilitates the workflow, which Wintex 2000 is a good example of!

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