Vision workshop, idea generation, concept development, supplier contact, defining design DNA, idea catalog, 3D sketches, and visualizations.

AirPro - unique design, high quality

when design and functionality meet

For AirSolution360, the design team at 3PART has developed AirPro, a series of innovative air purifiers that combine AirSolution360’s expertise in air purification with a simple, scalable, and, above all, honest design, where the internal functionality and external appearance go hand in hand.
Elegant &
Functional design.
concept development
optimated design

Demand for a new, unique product.

AirSolution360 specializes in manufacturing air purifiers for air purification purposes and aims to utilize this technology to develop a new product for a different market. The goal was to create a unique design object that would differentiate AirSolution360 from other competitors in the market, making the air purifier highly sought-after for its design and quality.

During the development process, 3PART provided a range of services, including a vision workshop, idea generation, concept development, and supplier liaison. By closely collaborating with Smoke Solution, 3PART was able to create a production-optimized design that met the company’s high standards for quality.

In close collaboration with AirSolution360, 3PART’s design team has developed AirPro. A product that is not only functional but also unique. AirPro is perfect for removing cigarette smoke and other pollutants from the air, making it a sought-after product for those who desire fresher and healthier air, while also prioritizing design and quality.

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To view the entire project with further details, you can download the entire project here.

Clean Design, High Performance

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