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Defining design DNA, idea catalog, 3D sketches, and visualizations, as well as placement of product graphics, logo, and design specifications.

new design for modern and professional appearance

new product graphic

3PART developed a new product graphic that provided a fresh visual update to the wood chipper, emphasizing a more modern and professional expression. The design prominently showcased the Green Chip brand while also allowing space for the customer’s logo.

The design revolved around the yellow and green colors, which symbolize traditional forestry colors, with the introduction of a deeper dark green as a contrasting element.

In addition to designing new product graphics, 3PART developed a new, more minimalist and contemporary logo to create a more current expression.
Graphic design
Visual appearance
Modern og professional
that reflects the customer’s identity.

new, modern and professional appearance

The Danish company GreenChip, which manufactures and sells forestry machinery and wood chippers for mechanical logging, had a desire to redesign their GreenChip 838CH wood chipper.

The new design aimed to create a more modern and professional expression for the product. The design was intended to incorporate the use of the yellow color to create a cohesive expression.

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To view the entire project with further details, you can download the entire project here.

"Redesigning the wood chipper to achieve a new, modern, and professional appearance."

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