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Smoke ventilation

Especially compact design

3PART designed an entire SV product line that, with its elegant and user-friendly design, fits well into Actulux’s image of being a market leader in its field. The chassis design is flexible and easily adaptable in the size to match up to 12 different product configurations. In addition to the product line, 3PART also designed a smaller model, svm “Mini”, which has a special compact design.
Special and compact

A need to develop

Actulux, which develops and sells electrical systems for smoke ventilation, faced a need to develop their future chassis concept to replace their standard housing. The new concept should contain a high degree of flexibility, as the structure should be adaptable to 12 different product configurations. At the same time, there was a strong focus on economic production and cost optimization without compromising on quality – both in form and function.

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The cabinet design is flexible and easily adaptable in the size

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