Research, analysis, workshops, design manual and validation of concepts in three countries

Identity toolbox


A strong overall product

98 of internally surveyed believe that “Danfoss’ overall strategy ‘Core & Clear’ is supported by a one-way and common design expression and will strengthen Danfoss’ brand in the future competition – and that Danfoss customers will appreciate it.” 5 products developed under the design manual have so far been awarded internationally recognized design awards. A strong overall product program with currently more than 20 products there, across product categories and complexity, all appear simple and intuitive to apply. A unique and recognizable design DNA that ensures unique market position and IPR. Streamlining the design process, which has reduced both development time and costs due to the cost of the design process. process optimisation as well as synergy across product families. Won orders where the design of the packaging has specifically been decisive if the packaging is designed. Competitors.
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98 %
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A thread from start to finish

Danfoss was at the beginning of the project with a very motley product portfolio: dispersed development centres, lack of a common strategy for the appearance of the products, and acquired companies that naturally stood out, creating the need for a common and unifying identity base for Danfoss. 3PART entered into dialogue with Danfoss to create a design tool that could: Ensure a homogeneous, classic and discreet product portfolio with a unique and recognizable design – without the risk of copying the competition. The work should also be able to bring together the identity that helps to create a common understanding and strengthened cooperation across the many companies in the Danfoss group. In the end, the tool should help strengthen Danfoss as a brand and ensure continued growth and earnings. The project includes product design, user interface, packaging and technical literature.

Identity toolbox



Before work on the design of a new design line could start, 3PART went around Europe to interview stakeholders, for example, in the field of design. wholesalers, installers and homeowners. In addition, new and unspoken needs were identified in the context of the research phase.


with employees from 5 different business units. The purpose of the workshops was to involve the employees in the project, to achieve the best result and to make the employees feel ownership.


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