User Insights, Storyboards, Design Concept, Wireframing, Full UI Design, Design Manual, Workshop and Sparring as well as Icon Pack and Animations

Smart energy storage

The complete tool

The collaboration between 3PART, The Design School Kolding and Visblue resulted in a digital tool that at once integrates the ability to generate data/information and learning of Visblue battery installations and ensures the development/phasing-in of user-friendly and behavioral ways to monitor energy consumption. Visblue Web App optimizes the interaction between renewable energy generation, storage device and consumer.
design concept

The easy-to-use database

The aim of the project was to develop database, interface and software that is user-friendly and easily accessible from common media platforms. Visblue was a lead partner and delivered the challenges and needs that were the starting point of the project proposal. Evikali was responsible for software development and 3PART designed a user-friendly and accessible system, focusing on end users. The Design School Kolding was a knowledge institution with sparring in relation to graphics, testing of user functionality and user involvement.

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User Interface Implementation

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