Research, Design Specification, Graphics Idea Catalog, Sketches and Visualizations and Manual for Future Products

Consistency and clarity

Updated and modern logo

3PART worked on an updated, bold and modern logo type taking into account its use in products with the manufacturing processes currently used by Scape Technologies. A consistent way of placing the label was also developed that makes the elements recognizable through color and form factors throughout the product catalog. After the first part of the graphics used was created, a set of rules and good practices were created to be developed in the form of a design manual.
new logo
Print files
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idea catalog

A complete robot family

Scape Technologies was looking for a strong brand identity that would make the products look like a single family and make them stand out from the complex robotics environment. In addition, due to the need for constant adaptation to the latest technology in the robotics industry, Scape needed a manual that allows them to apply a coherent look to any new product to be developed in a simple and efficient way.

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a set of rules and good practices

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