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Interviews, user observation, video capture, hedging and mapping of challenges, and concept development

Improving blood sampling

Opportunities for improvement

To understand the experiences of patients and bioanalysts, 3PART observed patient reception and blood sampling at Vejle Hospital outpatient clinic. In addition to the observations, patients and bioanalysts were interviewed about their experiences with blood samples. The research took over 48 hours and was documented on video. Together with the Clinical Chemical Laboratory at Vejle Hospital, 3PART identified the possibilities for improvements to the work processes on the department, resulting in 99 recommendations and concrete solutions within the areas: Workflow improvements, interior design and products used. The 99 proposals focused on improving the working tools and working environment of bioanalysts and on making blood sampling a better and calmer experience for both patients and bioanalysts.
concept development
Less stressed
improvement proposals

Over 10 million blood tests each year

In these years, the hospital system faces a number of challenges. Challenges that Vejle Hospital would face when they started a collaboration with 3PART. Improved diagnostics through blood tests meant that the number of blood tests in the community increased. This put pressure on bioanalysts, who were often reported sick with physical injuries or stress due to the increased workload. In addition, patients became frustrated that they experienced a degraded service. More than 10 million blood samples are taken every year in Denmark at around 50 kroner a piece. That’s a total cost of about half a billion kroner, and the amount increases by about seven percent each year. There is no evidence that the trend is reversed. On the contrary, a number of factors in the future will contribute to even more blood tests being taken. The growing number of blood tests also meant that the technicians lost expertise because they did the same work over and over again. The work on blood tests was thus both resource-intensive and a professional and professional challenge in the hospital laboratories – also at Vejle Hospital. The challenge for 3PART was to create such deep insights into the workflows and procedures around blood sampling at Vejle Hospital that new opportunities and innovative solutions for the future could be seen.

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less stressed patient reception, resulting in more blood tests and a significantly improved patient experience

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