Waste Hero

Demand determination, idea generation, concept development, detail construction, production maturation, supplier contacts, logo and visual identity

IOT design

Starting from user surveys

The collaboration between Waste Hero and 3PART resulted in a complete solution based on user surveys, design requirements and ease of use in relation to installation setup. Design, 3D files, visual identity and logo were handed in.
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+1 new
visual identity

Creating an IOT design

Waste Hero makes sensors to measure filling rates in waste bins and containers. The goal of the design process was to create an IOT design that met the needs of the product, as well as creating a solution to ensure Waste Hero’s need for internet connection. 3PART was included from initiating sketches, all the way to final construction and production maturation.

Download the project here

To view the entire project with further details, you can download the entire project here.

from concept to production-ready drawings, through dialogue with suppliers, where 3PART helped define requirements, materials and surface

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