Marketing material and instructional videos, research, workshop and international concept validation

Rolling work environment

A comprehensive solution that creates customer benefits

The project resulted in a new service concept for the transfer of linen. The profile of Berendsen as a leading supplier of linen was enhanced and the comprehensive solution provides benefits for the customer. Every day.
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Develop a helping hand to the staff

Berendsen leverer linned til hoteller og restaurationsbranchen. In order to meet increased demands on working environment conditions, it was necessary to develop a helping hand for the staff handling linen trolleys. The solution was an electric-powered service trolley that can be connected to the linen trolley and included in the hotel’s other logistics.

Design process on rolling wheels



3PART entered into a dialogue with Berendsen about defining and focusing the task. Prior to designing a new service concept, 3PART interviewed stakeholders, such as cleaning staff, maids and hotel managers. In this way, significant knowledge was obtained which increased the accuracy of the developed design.


Where the employees from various business units participated was held during the process. The purpose of workshops was to involve the employees in the project to achieve the best result, as well as to make employees feel ownership. 3PART was responsible for planning and facilitating workshops. Activities were made to suit the current phase of the process.



Idea generation and design development

On the basis of the research phase, the outline work could begin. Work meetings were regularly held with the customer. The phase resulted in 3 design concepts, one of which was selected for full scale trials. Prior to accepting the final concept, user validation was conducted with the same people who had visited at the beginning of the project. Validation was of great importance for the final detailing of the concept.

Marketing material and presentation videos

The new design was supported by internal marketing material that was built on the unique product benefits designed into the product. When the product was to be presented in the form of presentation videos, 3PART was responsible for planning and project management of the two videos.


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two variants that help to profile Berendsen as the leading supplier of linen in a format and in a comprehensive solution that creates customer benefits

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