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User research, concept development, design, ISA 101 standard, prototype, user test

Industrial user interface

Design which fits the working environment

The updated design was developed based on the needs of the users. The project had great focus on recognizability across the three operating screens. Furthermore, it was important that the design gave a clear overview from long distances and therefore it was a choice to have less information on the individual screens. Based on the existing design manual, a color palette was selected that met the requirements of the HMI standard ISA 101, for the outdoor working environment the screen is used in. The color palette also takes color blindness into account.
1 design
3 screens
for user test
ISA 101
HMI Standard met

User tested concept

An important factor in the development of the updated user interface consisted in user research, which was carried out in both Denmark and abroad. The different ways of operating the same system had to be embraced in the new design. In addition, an important factor was the working environment. Using digital displays outdoors requires great demands on sizes, colors and placements.

Project management from start to end


Workshop based process

The process started up with a workshop where users were mapped and a large number of internal requirements and wishes for the updated design were prioritized and defined into smaller tasks.

Streamlined design

Following user research, the collected data was translated into designs that were continuously tested in a prototype, internally and with end-users. Finally, the new design was made into a guide to ensure that future new features meet the same standard of design and ease of use.


Download the project here

To view the entire project with further details, you can download the entire project here.

Meet the requirements of the HMI standard ISA 101, for the outdoor working environment the screen is used in.

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