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Graphic identity

A primary and a secondary logo

The collaboration between 3PART and Toitware resulted in a primary and secondary logo that works both digitally and in print. Along with this, a logo was created that brought together the complete Toit family under the same graphic expression. In addition, a graphic proposal for website design was provided with suggestions on how the logo and colors can be used to create a transverse graphic identity.
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logo family
Design manual

"Toit as a tiger"

Toitware, which makes user-friendly and intuitive IoT devices, wanted to create a logo that fit their vision. The toitware name stems from the founders’ fasination of the Austin Powers film Goldmember, where the comparison between a tiger and the term “Toit as a tiger” gave rise to the philosophy that characterized the development of Toitware’s logo and identity.

Download the project here

To view the entire project with further details, you can download the entire project here.

The tiger has been a key part of our identity from day one — and we are very excited that 3PART has succeeded graphically and appropriately subtly in our new logo.

Kasper Lund Toitware, Co-founder and CEO

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